Lawn Mowing & Gardening

Do you hate spending your weekends mowing lawns? Let sticky grass clippings be a thing of the past with the expert assistance of Professional House & Garden Services (PHGS). We cover a massive service area stretching beyond the Central Coast, Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas. You can rest assured you will receive the highest quality service.

Is your clothesline hidden behind a wall of weeds? Professional House & Garden Services (PHGS) are experts when it comes to taming erratic gardens, but we are also skilled in new garden designs. We believe in getting in, doing the job properly and leaving you to enjoy your garden. We will get your gardening work done in the shortest time possible-that's the PHGS guarantee.

With a team of skilled gardeners available, we can tailor a garden to suit your vision and carry out maintenance in the tightest of deadlines.
PHGS can provide one-off maintenance or regular on-going lawn mowing for residential, commercial, strata and rural clients. When operating as Neat & Trim Lawn Services, our reputation for outstanding workmanship built us a loyal customer base that we are happy to continue working with today.

Whether your lawn is small or large, flat or flowing, PHGS provide expert lawn mowing. Please feel free to call us and arrange mowing services today.

PHGS lawn services include:

  • Fertilisation
  • Top dress
  • Lawn repairs
  • Weed control for all types of lawns including buff low
  • Bug and disease control for lawns
  • New lawn installation, turf laying
  • Irrigation system for lawns

We can also assist you with gardening work.
When you deal with PHGS, we offer one-on-one consultations and advice. Our staff have extensive experience managing gardens, so we can create a design that is simple to maintain and looks fantastic.

If you require on-going maintenance, whether for a private residential garden, commercial or strata garden or even a rural property, you will be scheduled the same employee every time. This ensures the person working on your garden has a thorough understanding of the maintenance required, soil type and existing plants.

Our large range of gardening services includes:

  • Hedging/Trimming/Pruning
  • Weeding
  • Bug and disease control for plants, shrubs and trees
  • Soil testing
  • Planting new plants or existing
  • Weed matting and mulching (Bark and rockey etc)
  • Irrigation systems for the garden
  • Design and install new garden beds
  • Organic soil and more
Whether your garden is overgrown, boring or even just plain bare-PHGS can help you. We understand the lawn is the heart of your garden, and our staff have experience maintaining and repairing lawns. We also provide on-going advice relating to your soil type and plants.

Our extensive Central Coast gardening services include:

  • Weed control - including broadleaf weeds, Wintergrass, Crabgrass, Nutgrass and Guildford
  • grass
  • Lawn repairs
  • New lawn installations
  • Pest, disease and fungus control
  • Fertilising
  • Compost top-dressing
  • Application of wetting agents
  • Coring, aerating and vertimowing
  • Organic soil and leaf tissue analysis
  • Targeted treatments for trace element deficiencies
  • Organic top dressing
  • Reticulation
  • Pre and post-emergent weed control strategies
  • Turf supply, preparation and laying
  • Mulch gardens with bark or pebbles

PHGS can provide as many workers as you need to get the job done quickly. If you are on a tight deadline, we are the team to trust. For larger than normal jobs, request the Backyard Blitz. This is when we can have as many as 10 - 20 people on site at any one time, to ensure that your job is done to a high standard and in record time!

Need help maintaining your new lawn? We offer regular or one-off lawn mowing services for commercial, residential, rural and strata clients throughout the Central Coast, Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.