T&C’s been lasted viewed and mended in year 2017
  • PHGS can take care of all types of lawned areas on a regular basis, maintenance or even once off jobs, with our commercial grade Zero turn Ride-on’s / push mowers and Powerful equipment. PHGS will aim to NOT mow a lawn where PHGS might damage the lawn (PHGS will snip the muddy area),
  • PHGS will try to be there to mow your lawn on an arranged day for your regular maintenance schedule, or PHGS will let you know ahead of time if PHGS can’t make it on that day. PHGS know you’ll understand if bad weather prevents us from being there on the regular day and we at PHGS will always complete the service as soon as possible after bad weather.
  • PHGS covers a wide area; PHGS have organized set runs, on set days, to cover all the different areas we maintain.
  • If you need to change your property maintenance to a different day, either before or after your scheduled day, then simply get in contact with PHGS to organise with us a suitable day.
  • PHGS is extremely proud of the work we do and takes pride in maintaining your lawn to keep it at its full glory. Our frequent schedules depend on the grass types, soil conditions, exposure to sunlight and a range of other factors which in warmer / hotter weather will cause the lawn to grow quite well and fast. To maintain the lawn at its glory, PHGS recommends the lawn should be maintained regularly on a fortnightly (2weekly) basis for an average lawn. Depending on the growth of your lawn, it may require maintenance to be done on a more regular / weekly basis for a short period depending upon the growth and the thickness of your lawn. (if the lawn is over grown, or if the lawn is not maintained on a regular basis, then the lawn might look poorly though with regular lawn maintenance, the lawn would improve and look better each time)
  • Winter can be rather disruptive to our schedule and PHGS thank you for your understanding and patience, as PHGS are sometimes unable to complete your service on the regular day. While mowing regularity generally reduces in winter, some lawns fall back to 3 weeks, some lawns will fall back to 4-6 weeks due to the factors outlined above as the conditions for the soil are the opposite due to the cooler weather and when the weather starts warming up, the schedule would become more frequent again as per outlined above.
PHGS’s regular lawn mowing services, including once off jobs consist of:

  • Edging all lawns edges adjacent to concrete paths drives and paving
  • Sniping lawn edges against fences, walls, banks are sniped.
  • Mowing all lawn areas (or as agreed with the client)
  • Blowing down lawn clippings off of all walkways, driveways and deck/patio areas on completion of mowing. PHGS only cleans up the mess they make, excess mess which isn’t caused by PHGS e.g. excess leaves / tree branches etc which needed to be cleaned up prior to PHGS commencing which may incur extra charges depending on how long it takes to complete before commencement of your regular maintenance.
  • PHGS takes care of all Residential and Commercial Internal cleaning needs from a basis clean to a full clean. PHGS can even make your beds; do your dishes / washing and anything else you request of us. (Full internal and exterior window cleaning does not fall under internal cleaning rates as the window cleaning falls under the “PHGS labour rates”. One or two internal windows might be accepted under the internal cleaning rates if the window is being kept / maintained / cleaned on a regular basis).
  • PHGS provides and uses their own equipment, cleaning chemicals and even timber furniture polish if needed (PHGS can even deodorise your carpet, beds etc upon your request and will be charged extra per bottle/packet on top of the hourly rates)
  • PHGS requires formal sign off (a quick email or even a text message is also acceptable) to confirm how many hours you require. The hourly rate gets cheaper depending on the hourly block, which is laid out in 2 to 4, 4 to 6, 6 to 8 hourly blocks (in some case PHGS offers one hourly blocks). PHGS also offers longer than the 6 to 8 hourly block if required (the hourly block rate will be laid out in your quote). PHGS will not commence any work until one of the above three requirements are met. PHGS would TRY to get all the cleaning done in the time fame you required, though if we don’t get everything done in the quoted time fame, then PHGS would be happy to either reschedule to a different day or to continue working into the next hourly block, with your permission by a text, email or formal sign off. If everything is completed before the hourly block, then PHGS will still invoice you for the full block of hours you have requested.
  • PHGS can also take care of all your exterior cleaning needs. This would fall under “PHGS labour rates”. (In some cases PHGS might accept some small exterior areas such as courtyards / gazebos etc to still fall under internal cleaning rates, as long as if the area is maintained, on a regular basis, and has been accounted for in your original quote)
  • PHGS can take care of all your garden maintenance from weeding to pruning of SMALL shrubs. Hedging / trimming hedges and trees are charged by quota, PHGS can even lop back unwanted branches off or the whole tree / shrubs down including stump grinding. If PHGS cannot take care of the tree removal (or the branches) due to its location, then PHGS would be happy to pass the job on to one of our contacts who we use (to save you the hassle finding someone). If the hedges / shrubs etc are over grown, and requires a hardy cut back then it may look bare. With regular maintenance, the bare patch will improve as time goes on.
  • With external cleaning, full window cleaning falls under our “PHGS labour rates” which start from a minimum of 2 hours (at a set rate charge for the 2 hours). PHGS also have cheaper different rates for half day (4hours) and Full day (up to 8hours) for any labour work. Gardening falls under the same rates.
  • PHGS can also do all types of landscaping jobs, from designing your yard layout, to putting in retaining walls, even putting up fences and gates of any kind. Landscaping can be charged by one of two ways, which is by a set quota or by how long the jobs takes (by half/full day rates plus parts/materials needed/used including any equipment/machinery hired to carry out your landscaping needs will be included/add to the invoice)
A number of things can increase PHGS’s time spent in taking care of your property, which is listed below and may incur extra charges.

To avoid these extra charges from incurring simply go through our list below and take on board our suggestions to solve the problems. PHGS is more than happy to take care of all your property needs (even those listed below) on a regular basis to prevent things getting out of control.
Leaf Collection – Heavy leaf drop in autumn increases the time it takes to mow your lawn, and the cost of dumping the clippings. Options for you could be:
  1. Add a small extra charge to your Quote / Invoice for collecting & removing the fallen leaves (this only will apply if/when its needed)
  2. Allow us to avoid the leaf fall area altogether and not mow it until the leaves have been cleared (if the lawn area becomes over grown extra fees
  3. Allow us to remove the catcher / mulcher and simply mow over the leafy area dispersing the leaves out and where they fall gets left where they fall (if the catcher/ mulcher is removed the job may not look neat and tidy, if you require PHGS to rake up the mess extra charges may apply).
  • Items/debris on the Lawn – Children’s toys, garden hoses, weed piles, etc can make mowing your lawn more difficult and dangerous, not to mention the potential for damaging your valued items. Please ensure the lawn is cleared of such items (if PHGS is frequently picking up toys etc on every visit extra charges may apply, if PHGS accidently damages any toys etc, are not at fault as it's the Client responsible to ensure everything is picked up).
  • Flower Beds – Flower beds can accumulate leaves and debris over time and become unsightly. If you would like us to weed and/or clear your flower beds please let us know and PHGS will happy to provide a quote for you on a once off basis or to keep the costs down PHGS is more than happy to maintain it on a regular basis at an additional cost.
  • Fruit Fall – Seasonal fruit fall is sometimes left on the ground to rot creating an unsafe situation for us if PHGS simply mows over it. PHGS will discuss options with each individual client on how to deal with excessive fruit (if PHGS runs over the fallen fruit with our equipment it will make a mess which PHGS is not responsible for as outlined above).
Faeces– Animal fouling is a most unpleasant surprise to inadvertently chop into especially with a snipper / edger etc. Most customers do
take responsibility for their animals’ fouling as we’d expect. However, should animal droppings become a problem on your lawn we will:

  • Let you know that the area is regularly fouled
  • Ask that you clean up animal fouling before PHGS mows
  • Mow around the fouled area(will not snip around or near the fouled area)
  • PHGS can offer a Doggy-Doo cleanup service on a regular basis. Please ask as this service is not automatically available and does incur extra charges and will be added to your regular quote for regular maintenance for your property. This could be anything from $10 to $50 depending on how much cleanup is needed (the faeces will be placed in your green bin or a preferred location as PHGS does not take away faeces).
PHGS offers other regular maintenance which can be carried out on your property, at a set charge, on a regular basis or once off jobs, to keep your property looking the best in the street:

  • Spot Spraying Roundup areas on regular maintenance when needed or requested by client to keep weeds at bay in the cracks of the driveway / pathways and paved areas (does not include garden beds and large area that require a full spray but if needed it can be arranged upon request from the client on once off basis as it by quota.)
  • Hedging and Trimming is carried out on a regular maintenance basis when needed, at a set charge / quota to keep all hedges / scrubs / trees and vines on the property looking neat and uniform.
  • Gardening hourly basis to keep the weeds at bay or can be carried out on a once off basis upon client’s request. Hedges and trees do not fall under gardening, as they fall under “PHGS labour rates”. PHGS can also take care of the feeding and pest / diseases in your gardens
  • Feeding and general weeds in the lawn can be done on a regular maintenance basis by quota or on a once off basis upon clients request to keep the lawn at its best.
  • Pest control for the lawn and gardens to keep the pests at bay can be performed on a regular basis or when needed on a once off basis / requested by client to keep those annoying pests from destroying your beautifully maintained lawn and gardens which contains your favourite roses and scrubs.
  • Gutter Cleaning can also be performed on a regular maintenance basis to ensure that the gutters remain clean by having your gutters maintained on a regular basis (we can save you up to 10 – 30 % off PHGS’s Normal Full Price for Gutter cleaning rates, as long as it is carried out more than 5 times a year). Note – Must be within Financial Year
  • Property Maintenance / Repairs can be carried out of any kind at the request of the client from fixing holes in the wall, decks, painting, fix indoor/outdoor taps and a lot more. Please refer to “Rate & Charges” for more information.
  • Our Quotes are valid for 14 days from the date of the quote and can be extended upon request of the client when needed (Quotes may change if the scope of work changes), Please note that work will NOT commence until the quote has been formally excepted by the client upon signature on the quote (or via email or text) and must state their full name and quote number. PHGS never quote over the phone/email/text without inspecting the property / job first.
  • All quotes for regular maintenance are reviewed every financial year, and are sent out for your review to you.
  • Invoices are a copy of the quote previously excepted by the client before the work commenced, all invoices are due within 7 days from the date of the invoice.
  • PHGS requires cancellation of service to be done within 48 hours before your regular scheduled lawn / cleaning maintenance is to be carried out in written form via text message / email or by post which can be sent to our PO Box which can be provided by request. If failure to notify PHGS within the specified time frame (or cancelled on the day) and PHGS arrives to commence your regular scheduled maintenance, PHGS reserves the right to charge additional fees to cover travel expenses from as little as $20.00 + GST and this will be invoiced that day and sent out (this fee could be more than $20 +GST depending upon location of Property)
  • PHGS prefers payments made by Internet banking (bank details for transferring funds are located clearly at the bottom of all invoices) and we ask that the invoice number is used as your reference number to ensure that the funds match up once they are received. (Please ensure that you double check each invoice number as the invoice numbers do change upon each visit) if the client can’t do internet banking, payments may be made by Cash, Cheque. Cash or Cheque payments are to be left at a pre-arranged location within the property if you’re not going to be home, prior to service being carried out, unless credit terms are applied for and agreed to, cheque payments require the invoice number to be written on the back of the cheque to ensure that it matches the invoice PHGS also suggest that clients write the invoice number on the cheque book tab as well so that all cheques and invoices are matched and counted for by both parties.
  • Payment terms are 7 days from date of invoice and after the due day you would receive an email/ text message reminding you that an invoice is due. After another 7 days from the reminder, late fees per each week over will be added to your invoice on top of the current balance of the original invoice including the last late fees, your late fees can be charged and added to your invoice up to 5 times before they incur further action where they will be sent off to a third party for collection of funds. The third party may add their fees on top off the original invoice charges (including our late fees)
  • As PHGS are trained professionals, PHGS know how to care for your property properly on a regular basis to ensure that your lawn and hedges etc stay uniform and tidy to prevent overgrowth, however PHGS understands that you as a client may wish to skip a regular service to save money
  • If you need to skip a service for any reason or even change our scheduled day for a party or an event etc, PHGS asks that you text / email the PHGS Office to notify us 48 hours (2days) prior to PHGS regular scheduled day. If PHGS shows up to carry out your regular scheduled maintenance and has not been properly informed by text / email /Written form an additional charge will apply to cover labour and travel expenses from as little as $20.00 + GST and will be invoiced that day and sent out (could be more than $20 +GST depending on location of Property and what’s involved). If your regular scheduled maintenance is left until you next scheduled day or rescheduled to a different day please note that it may become overgrown and PHGS may charge you double to triple your regular maintenance charge depending upon the growth of your lawn.
  • Security is important to all of us. PHGS suggest you use a combo lock on gates which PHGS can provide at a once off cost for the combo lock if you wish to keep your property locked, and PHGS will provide you with the combination for the lock (for gates that have fixed locks that require a key PHGS ask that the client provide us with a key and hold on to it for the term of our service).
  • If the gate is key-locked where PHGS don’t have a key too or tied with wire or a cable-tie when PHGS arrives, PHGS cannot mow behind it (if PHGS cuts the wire or cable to gain access to your property it’s not PHGS responsibility to tie it back up)
  • If PHGS has to travel to an Agent / Third party to collect the keys extra charges will apply and appear on the Quote / invoice per each time PHGS travels to and from (picking up the key from the agent then to property is classed as one direction of travel and returning the key is charged Travel fee again).
  • If PHGS are unable to access part of your property because it is inaccessible on the day due to vehicles parked on the lawn, in front of gates etc, it may result in a Re-visit Fee being charged if you require us to return before the next scheduled service (if in any case that area closed off gets missed and gets left to the next scheduled visit extra charges may apply if the area becomes overgrown.)
  • As above if PHGS turns up to do maintenance at your property and was unable to commence work due to lock out of property / yard extra fees may apply.
  • For internal cleaning and maintenance PHGS ask that you ensure that someone is always available to let us in to commence work or even leave a key out on the day in a pre arranged location or even provide PHGS with a key where the key will be kept and used by PHGS management / supervisor. (if PHGS has to travel to collect the key from somewhere else fee would apply as outlined above)
PHGS carries adequate public liability insurance to cover damage to your property. Any damage you notice, please notify PHGS immediately and your full cooperation is requested in the handling or processing of any resulting claim.

However, not all damage is automatically covered and PHGS cannot accept responsibility for much of the damage described below. You can help minimize problems as follows:
  • Sprinkler Heads etc – In the event that PHGS accidentally damage a lawn sprinkler head etc, call us within a week and PHGS will repair it.
  • Landscape Lights – Landscape lights should be installed in your garden (at least more than 20cm in from the edge of the garden) which should present no problems. However our snipper’s may damage them if installed on the lawn. PHGS accepts NO responsibility for damage to landscape lights if they’re installed in or near the lawn
  • Garden Hoses and Irrigation Hoses etc – Please ensure hoses are properly stored, off the lawn and out of the road prior to our arrival. PHGS accepts NO responsibility for damage to any hoses left lying on the lawn or adjacent paved areas (if PHGS has to move the hoses they would only move the hoses out of the way, if you want PHGS to stop and hang/round up the hose neat and tidy fees would apply)
  • Clothes Lines – When PHGS encounters clothes hanging on a line over the lawn PHGS try to be extra careful to avoid soiling your clothes etc. However, you may find a few dried grass clippings clinging to the fabric – these are easily removed with a good shake or a rewash. You can minimize the problem by not hanging laundry out on your regular lawn days. (PHGS are not responsible for laundry costs)
  • Broken windows/glass – PHGS always take care to not flick stones against windows or glass. However, you can minimize the possibility and hassle of a breakage by keeping stones, pebbles and other “missiles” away from the lawn area. Pebbled gardens & driveways etc are a particular hazard to nearby people, windows and our equipment and while PHGS will do their best to maintain such areas, additional charges may apply to stop and remove pebbles from the lawn prior to mowing, or the lawn may be left un-mowed, if any breakages of windows or glass occur please contact PHGS within 24hrs by email / text otherwise PHGS is not liable for damages)
  • Vehicles – PHGS mow around vehicles parked on the lawn. If you are home please listen out for us and move the vehicle off the lawn as soon as PHGS arrive.(if the vehicles is not moved before PHGS has completed the job, PHGS would just mow around the vehicle and would NOT pull the equipment back out to do the spot where the vehicle was)
  • Adjacent plants & fixtures etc – any item within 100mm (10cm) of the edge of the lawn is prone to damage. This includes items like young plants, planters & pots, drains, plants of any kind, netting, wooden posts & edges, garden furniture, above ground pools, playground furniture, etc. The best way to avoid damage is to keep all such items off the lawn and at least 100mm from the outer edge of any lawn area. Any vegetation overhanging the lawn area is also subject to damage by our equipment as we pass by. PHGS will be happy to trim such vegetation back clear of the lawn for you at an additional charge.
  • Fruit Trees & other Small Trees in the Lawn – fruit and other small trees are often planted in the lawn and make an attractive addition to your garden. PHGS are usually unable to properly trim or mow your lawn under such trees unless there is a minimum of 1.5m vertical clearance all round / under the tree. PHGS will do our best to control grass growing under these trees but cannot accept responsibility for damage to low hanging branches and/or fruit. Neither can PHGS accept responsibility for damage to the trunk or bark, as PHGS may be unable to see exactly what our equipment is trimming. The best thing you can do to protect your tree is to keep the entire area under the tree, out to the drip–line, nicely cultivated and weeded.
  • Spouting Downpipes – downpipes become fragile in time and will not stand up to our edge trimming equipment without damage and PHGS is not responsible for any damage done to fragile and old downpipes. You can avoid damage by ensuring there is an adequate "no mow" area surrounding the pipes such as a garden bed, concrete surface or similar like poisoning around the downpipes or even getting PHGS to put a kick plate around the base. ( cost of labour and base plate would be added to an invoice)
  • Cladding – our snipers may damage cladding, old bricks and any other painted or fragile surfaces, etc, that closely abuts the lawn. The only action PHGS can take to avoid damage is to not snip long your wall, which will leave an unsightly, overgrown edge around your nicely trimmed lawn. A much better solution is for you to install a mowing strip or garden bed along the house wall or even a kick plate.
  • If you install a pool, PHGS may review your pricing as it may take more time for edging and trimming. PHGS also have to be more careful to minimize clippings landing in a pool.
  • If your pool is already installed, PHGS will be extra careful to minimize clippings landing in the pool
  • For Inflatable Pools and jumping castles etc PHGS will not wiper snip around anything inflatable and will mow a decent distance away from the inflatable objects to prevent damage to them. PHGS suggest lightly poisoning around them (the cost for the poison will be added to your invoice).
  • If your property changes after service begin, PHGS may need to review your original quote. In many cases, adding a feature to your property will increase the time it takes to mow the lawn and result in an increase or decrease in the original quote depending on if your lawn area changes. The original quote may reduce if, say, a whole section of the lawn is paved over etc and PHGS no longer need to go to that area. However, adding, say a pool, trees, etc in the middle of the lawn means PHGS must take more care and time trimming around them which usually takes longer than it did to simply run the mower over that patch/area.
  • Trampolines / garden furniture will be moved from one side of the yard to the other, until the next scheduled day as we only move the furniture / trampolines once. (if you require us to put it back on the same scheduled day an additional charge may apply on top of your regular maintenance) if the trampolines and furniture is to heavy where PHGS struggles they would be left where they are.
  • With trailers of any kind including broken down vehicles etc it’s not PHGS responsibility to move them off the lawn. Therefore PHGS will mow around and snip under the trailers (not under vehicles, in some case may poison under upon the request by the client via text/email/written form) the best they can, (snipping under trailers etc might not be done completely, PHGS can and may assist you in moving the trailers extra charges may apply if this occurs) to avoid the poor cut under the trailers and to avoid PHGS assisting you which would incur charges, PHGS suggests that you remove the trailers etc the day before your scheduled day.
  • As professionals, PHGS do our best to ensure your lawn remains healthy and lush. Part of achieving a good looking lawn depends on cutting the lawn to the recommended height, and not removing too much lawn in any one mow.
  • Cutting lawns short (scalping) can look fabulous on a bowling green or a putting green, but achieving that finish requires watering and mowing up to EVERY DAY, constant fertilizing and regular re–sowing/over–sowing as bare patches appear. (PHGS is happy to get your lawn looking like a bowling Green as long the client understand what’s involved which is outlined above to get that look)
  • Short–cut lawn struggles to survive because roots become shallow, not only leaving the lawn with no hope of surviving dry conditions, also allowing weeds (flat weeds in particular) to take over (if you want to keep your lawn looking like a bowling green PHGS can asset the client to keep the root healthy and the weeds at bay the best PHGS can).
  • PHGS will cut the lawn at the recommended height for the predominant type of grass in your lawn, unless you specifically request a different mowing height. In most cases, PHGS will not remove more than half the length of the lawn in any one service if the lawn is regularly maintained (in some case the lawn is very badly over grown it may mean that PHGS would have to cut more than half of which may resort to the lawn looking a poor cut, brown patches which may take time to become green again or even might die off, a good lawn feed would help to prevent/help with that from happing).
  • In fast–growth seasons, fortnightly mowing may not be frequent enough to keep the lawn mowed to your satisfaction. In some cases clients request more frequent services to maintain the whole property or just where your property is growing fast, whether it’s just the front or just the back, which PHGS can provide you with a reasonable quote for regular maintenance of that area to maintain and prevent the area becoming overgrown.
  • PHGS works safely under the WHS standards. PHGS is trained and equipped to operate in a safe manner and will from time to time take specific actions to ensure their own and public safety whilst lawn maintenance/gardening/ cleaning service is in progress. PHGS ask that you should assume there will be flying debris whist mowing / snipping etc and keep both yourself and anyone you care for (including pets) well away from our PHGS Team. It is best to keep others, especially children and elderly, inside until PHGS leave the property.
  • Please ensure that all pets needing to be tied up have access to water or are absent / restrained if your pet is aggressive or prone to escaping on our mowing day. It’s necessary for the safety of our Team and your pet. (PHGS will try their hardest to ensure that your pet does not escape your property, if this does occur PHGS will take all means possible to recover your pet and notify you immediately of their escape. PHGS is not responsible for any ranger / pound fees that may occur as it's your responsibility to ensure that your pet is restrained or absent on the scheduled day)
  • Please report anything you feel may be a safety hazard or matter to us as soon as possible, even call/text/email if you’re not going to be onsite.
  • If your onsite, DO NOT approach us directly if PHGS workers are operating machinery as the workers may not easily hear or see you. PHGS would rather you wait until you have caught our eye by waving your hands in the air from a distance, till PHGS can safely stop our equipment and approach you.
  • "PHGS labour rates" are half / full day and covers gardening/ external cleaning / landscaping and full window cleaning
  • Internal cleaning is broken down into blocks of 2 to 4, 4 to 6, 6 to 8 hourly blocks and also have different rates even one hour if/when need.
  • Most repairs and maintenance are charged by quota as they are categorized (incorporating parts / materials used and may include labour already).
  • Hedge and trimming trees and large shrubs done at an agreed set rate between PHGS and client if they get maintained on a regular basis.
  • For any promotions / Package Deals etc they have their own Terms and Conditions which are clearly outlined on the flyers / web feeds etc and have their own expiry dates (if it states on the promotion / deal the whole month the expiry date which is outlined on the promotion / deal will be still the expiry date)
  • To receive the promotions / package deals etc you must provide a copy in hand / or send a copy via email requesting the said promotion / package deal to receive the deal and it must be accepted by the management or Owner / Director of PHGS (the acceptance will be sent out via email / text message confirming the acceptance)
  • PHGS WILL NOT automatically adjust the quote / invoice to the promotion / package deal without providing the request first. (in some cases PHGS may suggest upcoming promotions / package deals)
  • Promotions and package deals are not restricted to just regular clients as they are open to once off based clients as well.